P.L.A.Y. Cream Chill Pad Dog Bed

by P.L.A.Y.
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These aren't exactly beds... just pads for your pooch to, y'know... chill and hang out on. Light and durable, these pads suit a variety of living spaces. Throw them around in your office, in front of a fireplace or in the back of your car. They also double up as nifty cushions for your pet's crate. Wherever it is, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will love to snuggle and relax on it, because honestly, what pet doesn't want to feel like they're too cool for schooool?

Product Features
* Light and easily portable.
* Designed to fit most standard pet crates.
* Tough, durable construction ensures dog-years of use.
* Looks great in a variety of surroundings including office, living
room, hallway, back of the car or inside your pet crate, etc.
* Meticulous hand-sewing stands up to rough handling.
* Filled with the perfect amount and density of high-loft PlanetFill filler.
* 4 edges ensure optimum elevated comfort for your pooch to
rest its head on.
* Durable and washer/dryer-friendly.
* Tested by fickle four-legged friends.
* Made in a facility that meets the strict quality standards for
infant and children products.

X-Small 20 x 15-inch
Small 24 x 18-Inch
Medium 30 x 20-inch
Large 36 x 23-inch
X-Large, 42 x 28-inch